Puzzle Of Impressions

Cycling Tour|8 nights


Armenia is a great place for cyclists. This is a great opportunity for those who want to travel by bicycle across the country studying the mountain environment and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Attractive mountain routes, historical and architectural monasteries and khachkars (cross-stones), friendly and hospitable people, delicious Armenian cuisine will be a great companion during a cycling trip in Armenia. A huge number of monuments, memorial sites, and the names of prominent figures of Armenian history and culture will create the impression of traveling in "a museum under the open sky."

The program of cycling tour is available both for beginners and amateurs, as well as for professionals. The routes run along the great modern highway, lay along the alpine meadows of the country roads and mountain trails. Throughout the route group is accompanied by a car on which participants overcome the difficult parts of the way, or the bad weather.

If you are interested in exploring new places, traveling by bicycle on inaccessible trails, surrounded by stunning scenery and mountain environment then join us on our trip "Puzzle of Impressions." The 9-day tour promises a lot of exciting adventures. We will travel by bicycle around the most impressive places of Armenia.

Day 1: Arrival in Yerevan Transfer to hotel. Free time. Overnight.

Day 2. YerevanTransfer to Lori regionSpitak pass (by car) - SpitakVanadzor –40 km 

Our bike tour starts from Lori region and runs through . After going through a wooded road, tourists will reach the city of pitak (1555m), which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1988. After a brief stop for lunch, tourists continue way to the city of Vanadzor (1350m), the third largest city in Armenia after Yerevan and Gyumri. The city is located in Vanadzor basin between Bazum Pambak and ridges.

Overnight in Vanadzor.


Day 3. VanadzorDilijan, 40 km

Tourists start their way to the resort town situated deep in the wooded nature reserve -  (1130m.), also called the Armenian Switzerland. There the guests are awaited for a stop and have a short walk through the city. Dilijan - a city with ancient history, mild climate, lots of rest homes, boarding houses, resorts and tourist centers. Every year many tourists come here to relax, improve their health, get some fresh air and enjoy the crystal clear water from the natural mineral springs.

Overnight in Dilijan.

Day 4. DilijanGoshavank MonastryGetik Village, 50 km

From Dilijan tourists will head to the village Gosh, where they will have a trip to the Monastery Goshavank (XII-XIV centuries.), founded by an outstanding jurist, teacher, fabulist, a renowned public figure of his time Mkhitar Gosh. The monastery survived in relatively good condition, and has one of the most beautiful cross-stones in the world. Near the monastery there is a small beautiful lake called Lake Parz (Clear Lake), which is located in Dilijan National Park at an altitude of 1400m above sea level.
After a brief stop for lunch, tourists continue the way to Getik Valley (2000m). It's a small cozy place, located between the mountain ranges of Miapor and Areguni, where the river with the same name flows. As in all of Armenia, in the valley Getik as well you can find many attractions. A beautiful countryside with its forests, streams and springs, valleys and mountains is just amazing. Thanks to the efforts of several local villagers Getik become a booming center of rural tourism. This is one of those rare places in Armenia where local villagers can take part in the preparation of local dishes, learn traditional Armenian crafts, have hiking or horse riding tours, take part in festive rituals.

Overnight in Getik.

Day 5. GetikChambarakSevan Lake, 65 km

Today guests await the most difficult part of our bike tour. They have to overcome a long way to the pearl of Armenia - Lake Sevan (1900m). The territory of Sevan basin with the largest high mountain freshwater lake in the world is a unique natural reserve with its micro climate and beautiful landscapes. Despite the difficulties, the road passes between the wooded mountains and picturesque gorge. The road ascending by which, guests can enjoy the stunning views of the mountain lake Sevan, lead them to the hills of the peninsula Sevan, where the monastery complex of Sevanavank is situated.

Overnight on the shore of Sevan Lake.

6. SevanHayravank Noradous  - Martuni, 50 km

Despite the fact that the tourists leave the their coastal dwelling, the landscape of Sevan accompanies them on their tour around the perimeter, and the beautiful birds living in this region make the landscape even more beautiful. The guests will make the next stop at Hayravank church (1920m.), which is known for its unique architecture and interesting descriptions of which guests will get acquainted on the spot.

Furthermore, guests depart to the village Noratus (1940m.), where they will get acquainted to the unique Armenian phenomenon - Armenian khachkars (cross-stones). Noradus - a place where the world's largest collection of khachkars is preserved. If one explores the Khachkars , he will see that they do not duplicate each other. On the territory of Noraduz one can see more than 1000 khachkars samples.

Overnight in Martuni (2000m.), offering beautiful views of the Geghama mountains.


Day 7. MartuniSelim PassAreni Village , 65 km.- Yerevan (by car)  

Despite the duration of today's route, this is the easiest and most impressive day. Guests will get to the highest point of their journey, Selim mountain pass (2410m). Having overcome the pass, a steep descent to the beautiful gorge begins, but before the descent they’ll stop in a surprisingly well-preserved caravanserai of Selim, a medieval building, trading point on the Silk Road. Here wandering merchants used to stay overnight. A landscape which opens here will delight even the most experienced traveler.

After the descent guests are awaited in Areni village (1250m.) - one of the oldest settlements of the Armenian Highland. It is here, in the oldest winery center of the world, where the  tourists will complete their cycling tour. They will also visit the Bird Cave (1075m.). This archaeological site is of universal importance because of significant findings, which include the world's oldest shoe, which dates back for 5600 years and the oldest complex for the production of wine, which was found in 2001 during excavations, and which has history of more than 6000 years.

Guests will celebrate the end of the cycling tour at the winery Areni (980m.), where they will taste local flavored wines.


Day 8. Free time in Yerevan.

We recommend visiting: State History Museum, Vernisage, Local Market, Ararat Brandy Factory.


Day 9. Transfer to Zvartnots International Museum. Departure.