Sevanavank Monastery

Among the cultural interests of Sevan Lake is Sevanavank monastery.  Actually there are two churches on the peninsula of Sevan.

These two churches were built in 874 AD and together form the Sevanavank Monastery. It’s one of the few monasteries in Armenia that work for religious purposes. There are benches in front of the churches, where tourists can enjoy a stunning scene to Big and Little Sevan. The area around the churches is the only place where you can sit on a bench and watch at the colors of the lake, which are changeable and depend on the weather and the time of the day. It’s important to mention that there is a special dress-code. Although the monastery is situated very close to holiday resorts, it’s forbidden to enter the church dressed in swimsuit, very short skirt, and so on. Your legs and shoulders must be covered appropriately. The entrance of the church is decorated with dozens of khatchkars (cross-stones). The peculiarity of these cross-stones, that are different from those spread all over and outside of Armenia, is the stone that bears the design. In most of the cases, Armenian cross-stones are made of tuff, a very popular stone in this country. In case of Sevanavank Monastery, the carvings are made on local stones that have a light greenish coloring as compared to reddish tuff.

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