Sevan Lake

Sevan – "the Pearl of Armenia" - is one of the three large lakes in the Armenian highland. In ancient times it was called Geghama Sea.

Sevan is the largest lake in Caucasus as well as one of the largest and highest freshwater lakes in the world. The lake surface is at an altitude of 1897 m above sea level. Its depth is 80 m, an area-1260 km, lengh-70 km, width-55 km and the volume is 58 billion cubic meters. In summer, the middle temperature of lake surface is 18-23 degrees above zero. In winter the lake is partly covered with ice. Sevan consists of two unequal parts - Big Sevan and Small Sevan. These parts are merged by 5th km length strait which is located between the peninsulas of Artanish and Noradus. The Lake, on the west side, is surrounded by Geghama from the north - Aregunyats from the east - Sevan and from the South - Vardenis Mountains. Sevan has wonderful flora and fauna. There is Sevan koghak, karas and crab in the lake, and the Sevan ishkhan (trout fish) is particularly famous.
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