Victory and Peace Day

This holiday is in celebration of the heroic deeds of our fathers and grandfathers, for years. This victory celebrates long-awaited peace to Armenia, which has endured so much tragedy.

These victories opened new doors for progress; it opened new horizons for bringing up an educated and healthy young generation – a generation which is true to the vows of its forefathers and which will build a new Armenia.
For the Armenian nation, the World War II was the Great Patriotic War.
May 9, 1992 once again became a symbol – this time of the Armenian triumph, the symbol of resolve and immortality.

Armenians are celebrating wholeheartedly the glorious victory; this is victory of good over evil and barbarity. With the liberation of the historical capital of Artsakh – Shushi, the Armenian soldier has become a new perception and a new factor. Those, who stepped into immortality on the battlefield, carry on with their great mission as moral and political force.